Bye. 10-18-06 13:28
That's okay... I'm done with elowel. Apperently I'm not an "adult" and I don't have a "life". *rolls eyes*.
HA HA HA 10-18-06 01:42
Wow, I find this funny that some people *cough ASHLEY cough* has nothing else better to do in her so called "LIFE" then to sit there and put somebody else down to make herself look good.

Well ya know what Ashley... It's not gonna work this time. think what you wanna think. Because I'm done with your sorry ass. Your words mean nothing to me.

Have a nice life.
"Ashley if your reading this get a life."



Anyhoot, I have better things to do. I do have a life so yeah, life's passin me by, gotta run!


lol 10-17-06 00:37
all done. :] 10-16-06 00:20
ALL THE DRAMA'S OVER!! WOOT. I'm happy. The End.
First day, bad week. 10-10-06 23:44
This week has been completely a week of hell. But with the help of my best friend Morgan, Jeremy and my honey Jesse I got through it pretty well.

Since last Friday I've been staying with Morgan & Jeremy. It was pretty fun, I spent one day cleaning for almost three hours. The apartment was spotless! Then 24 hours later it was thrashed again lol. We all got hair cuts and just hung out and smoked hookah. Jesse and I got to spend some time together which was really nice. Last Thursday (or maybe it was Friday?) he took me out to Sushi for dinner then surprised me (I told him I wanted a new Teddy since I hadta give his back to him cuz it was his childhood teddy bear) and he took me to Fred's and said,"Pick one out". I was so surprised!

After I got some bad news, he felt bad that my Teddy (we've named him Brownie) was at home he bought me a huge hippo! Her names Mocha. (Get it? Brownies and Mocha.. Yummm.) Hee hee, anyway...

So on the flip side, I started at Forever 21 today. It was so much fun! I was in the dressing rooms for about 3 hours then helped clean up the store for the other two. All the girls are really nice. Plus, the work is easy, and I love working with clothes! lol.

So things are starting to look up. <3
*dances* 10-04-06 23:27
I GOT THE JOB AT FOREVER 21!!! I gotta go in tomorrow and fill out some paperwork and get the jist of the store n such then I get my schedule for (I believe) next week.

Just please keep your fingers crossed, or pray for me whatever floats your boat, that I'd work hard, and follow the rules (unlike my last job... ) and that I'd make a good impression to where they'd hire me permantely.

Thanks, just wanted to pass on the good news! :]
hey everybody. 10-03-06 11:23
So I got woken up this morning by Jeremy and him telling me his "relationship problems". You don't wake anybody up at 9:30am to bitch about your gf! He appologized like a kagillion times but I was just pissed because once he woke me up I couldn't go back to sleep.

Apperently Morgan went over to this guys house who likes her and has liked her, and came home AND BROUGHT HIM WITH HER to her house where her bf was. And now she's telling him he doesn't look at her the same way he used to and is questioning their relationship. For one, Jesse would never let me over to a guys house alone, and Two, you just don't bring the guy back home when your bf's waiting for you! That's just not proper. And it's not her place to do that sorta thing.

Anyway, after him and I talked I got up, made my bed, and got ready for my interview at Forever 21 (keep your fingers crossed for me!) After my interview Jesse's picking me up and taking me out to dinner. He said we were going to Shari's then last night he said were going "somewhere". He had the idea of taking me to Acrop (the strip joint with the really good burgers ) then I told him no to that so I have no idea where were going lol.

Then after our little date, were going to Morgan and Jeremy's since they just bought a hookah. The whole thing about Jesse and me going to Tony's was he didn't like the atmosphere, not what I was doing. So now that they have some he said I can smoke it at their place. I don't get him sometimes lol.

Well I better go get something to eat before my tummy eats itself LOL.

hey 09-30-06 23:40
i'm back! seems like i haven't been on forever.

I spent the night at Morgan's on Thursday and went to the Putnam game on Friday. Jesse and i faught the whole time but he's making it up to me on Tuesday when i have to go into town for an interview.

but thursday he took me out to dinner and a movie. we saw "gridiron gang"... it was REALLY good. we had the whole theater to ourselves, it was so cool! i cried most of the movie.

morgan and me went to my uncle's bbq tonight. we had so much fun. i love just hanging out with friends... (jenna, HUSH).

well we got laundry to fold, i'll tell you more later. :]
So I downloaded Steam to start playing counterstrike and I can't download the actual game because I don't have enough space on the C Drive. I've cleaned it up, removed programs that I know my family doesn't use and I'm still about 400MB short.

Got any suggestions?
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